Claim Tickets

Auction Proceeds Claim Ticket

When will I get my payment from the item(s) I have in an auction?

Proceeds from auction sales will be held in a BPX Auction smart contract. Sellers will receive an “Auction Proceeds Claim Ticket” NFT that allows them to claim their BPX from the contract at their own discretion.

Is there a deadline for claiming my auction payment?

No. Proceeds from auction sales will be held in a BPX Auction smart contract until they are claimed by the Auction Proceeds Claim Ticket holder. The claim window does not expire.

Drip Claim Ticket

What is BPX Drip?

BPX Drips will be an NFT that emits your BPX pro-rata over a 6-month period beginning 180 days AFTER auction close. If you are due a second payment, you will receive a BPX Drip, which gives you access to claim your accrued additional BPX at your discretion.

When will I receive my BPX Drip?

BPX Drip minting date is still TBD, but our goal is to have them released within 90 days of auction.

When will I get my actual “second BPX payment?”

Drips will begin to build up their BPX starting 180 days after the auction ends and will get the total payout of their BPX 12 months after auction ends (pro-rata over that 6 month period). Holders can claim their BPX at any time during the period, but the BPX will emit on a daily pro-rata rate.

Can I sell my BPX Drip?

Yes. You can sell your BPX Drip at any time, but the new owner will now have rights to any BPX available to claim.

Do BPX Drips expire or have a deadline?

No. Just like Auction Claim Tickets this process is controlled by smart contracts. The holder of any BPX Drip NFT can claim the accrued BPX at any time at their discretion. Drips do not expire.