Card Geek Hall of Fame

The official Blokpax PFP collection.
Card Geeks are the Blokpax utility tokens and receive perks based on their various tiers. 

There are 3 tiers: - Legend - Hero - All Star. 

 Legend tier Card Geeks are the highest rank. These NFTs are the rarest within the collection and have consistently been valued by the community at a premium. 

Hero tier Card Geeks are the middle child. 

All-Star tier Card Geeks are considered our lower lever Card Geek Hall of Fame. These NFTs will typically shape out the entry point of the collection, but don't sleep on their value. All-Star Geeks still receive access to bonuses in Blokpax Drops, opportunity to sell slabs to Blokpax, allowlist to exclusive mints, and more! Not too shabby...
Here is a look at a a few Geeks. Feel free to browse some more via our official storefront:
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