Frequently Asked Questions

What do I earn?

You will earn BPX, the reward token for the BPX ecosystem.

How can I use my earnings?

You can use BPX to bid on real physical collectibles in our BPX Auctions. You can also exchange your BPX into USD.

What are Shatter Packs?

Exclusive to the split-cases, cases, and mega-cases these guarantee you exclusive rare parallels.

Do I get rewards from the trading cards that aren’t Color Pop Inserts?

Collecting many BPX assets, including Home Team Heroes, earns points which get you BPX at the end of the end of the BPX season. Building sets and rainbows will give you a multiplier on these points!

How many different Heroes are in the Collection?

For the Baseball 2023 season there are 25 heroes.
For the Football 2023 season there are 30 heroes.

Do the rewards work by seasons?

Yes, the rewards via Color Pop inserts are specific to the season they are from. There will be a new release of Home Team Heroes for the each season.

Can I sell my HTH trading cards?

Yes. Once you rip your packs you can sell your HTH trading card. Color POP Inserts come out of packs unrevealed. You can choose to leave them unrevealed and sell or trade them that way.