Home Team Heroes

Collect superhero trading cards inspired by your favorite players, and chase exclusive 1-of-1 Color Pop Inserts to earn crypto ($BPX) rewards!
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Over the course of spring training a shadowy figure has been seen at almost every big league ball park. Nobody knows who he is or really anything about him. And at each park he's visited a consistent story has emerged. A hungry fan heads to concessions to get a ballgame hotdog like we all do when we go to a game and they notice a weird taste. But they just can't stop eating it.
As they leave the park a shadowy figure emerges and hands them a note without really saying a word. On it just an address and the words "Visit me once you feel it". Feel what they wonder for just a brief moment but mostly they just don't think anything of it and go about their business. But in the days ahead they all did feel it. Each of them found they now possessed strange new powers, powers that have allowed them to stop bank robberies, dodge bullets, and rescue those in distress. Indeed they felt it.
One by one they visited the address and learned of their selection into an elite force to stand against evil. To protect their identity they each had to choose a player from their home team and take on a public persona inspired by that athlete.
The became known as the Home Team Heroes.
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