Placing a Bid

Choosing a Bid

Near the top of the page you will see the current bid along with the minimum bid. The amount you choose will become the new bid price, there is not any method to set a number to automatically increase your bid to in reaction to later bids. Note that there is a gas cost for each bid so it is best to start near to what you expect to be a fair value for the item.
You will submit the BPX of your bid to be held in the contract, if you are overbid it will be returned to you automatically.

BPX Token Allowance

The first time you place a bid you will have to give permission for the auction contract to interact with your BPX tokens, this will not be required for every bid.
When you do this in MetaMask on desktop it will ask you to set a limit for this allowance. The way this works is that each bid will decrease the limit as it moves the token, so three bids of 500 BPX each will reduce the allowance by 1500. Because of this we recommend using the Use default option which will set no limit. (Currently on mobile MetaMask this will be automatically set for you.)
MetaMask ERC-20 Token Approval Popup
For more information on token allowances and how to revoke them see the BPX Library under Token Authorizations.


Bids are sent on-chain as transactions so give time for the transaction to go through when considering the timer.

After Bidding

You can keep track of the items you are currently the high bidder on under your profile at the top right of the page. You are also able to watch items to keep track of your favorite items.