Seasons & Points

The rewards program starts as soon you start collecting and participating in the ecosystem. There are lots of ways to participate with many ways to earn "reward miles". These can be spent in our marketplace or used to bid in exclusive auctions filled with real physical graded sports cards and much more.
This starts as you earn points from collecting cards and other collectables in the BPX ecosystem throughout the seasonal period. During this time you can track your progress on leader boards focused in each earning category.
With multiple opportunities to earn points you can pick what interests you most and participate there or jump in on more than one franchise and earn even more. No matter where you choose to participate each point earned is identical in it's earning potential, regardless of the source.
At the end of the season BPX "reward miles" are earned pro rata to each collection/franchise based on points awarded to collectors on that leader board. (Details in the Rewards chapter.)

Earning Opportunities

  • Home Team Heroes - Superhero trading cards inspired by your favorite baseball players.
  • Bantam Brigade - Trading card game based in the Otherside universe.
  • Infinite Moments - Collectible tokens celebrating the greatest moments in sports & history.
  • Other Collections - Other ongoing and legacy collections in the BPX Collective.
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