Handling BPX

Adding to MetaMask

From the main wallet view in MetaMask tap on Assets or Tokens, at the bottom of the view click on Import Tokens and then Custom Token. Copy the address below into the Token contract address field, the other two values should be automatically filled after a short pause. After tapping the button at the bottom you will see that BPX has been added in the token list.
BPX Token Contract Address

Swapping BPX

Haven't yet earned any BPX or want to stock up on some more for one of our auctions? Or perhaps you just earned some from an auction and need some ETH.
There is a liquidity pool available on Uniswap where you can trade ETH or USDC for BPX.
Anyone can create a token and call it BPX, make sure to always verify the contract address matches what is given in this document.
The first step is to go to the Uniswap website:
You will automatically be in the swap interface. For one side of the transaction you can use their preset options to choose ETH or USDC as what you want to swap. For the other side you will need to manual input BPX by searching for the contract address:
BPX Token Contract Address
Uniswap will give you a warning about this being an uncommon token, make sure you are using the contract address above, but if so continue through the warning. The top currency what you are sending and the bottom what you want to receive, you can click on the arrow in the middle to swap positions if needed. Input the amount you want in either side and the other will automatically populate based on the current swap ratio.
If you are ready to continue click on the pink button. If this is the first time you have used the token you are swapping you will be required to approve the contract, for more on this see our guide on token approvals. Then next step will perform the swap in a single transaction.