Getting BPX

How can I get BPX?

Earning BPX involves taking part in the BPX ecosystem and collecting BPX Rewards Points by completing challenges and collections featured during the current season. BPX Tokens are ERC-20 tokens and can be obtained by utilizing your MetaMask wallet swap feature or by accessing Decentralized Exchanges like Uniswap. The BPX Ethereum ID is 0X313408eb31939A9c33B40AFE28Dc378845D0992F, but it is important to exercise caution and confirm that you are interacting with the correct Token ID. Instructions on how to add/swap BPX to your wallet are located in the Handling BPX section provided, and it is essential to solely engage with the contract address provided there.


There are three collections available:
  • Infinite Moments
  • Home Team Heroes - Trading Cards
  • Bantam Brigade - Parallels
These collections offer a range of cards to gather in various parallels, and obtaining them allows you to earn points. However, two factors can enhance your collecting experience:


Completing a set involves collecting one of each card in a series, which grants a bonus to your points.


In addition to commons, each card also comes in several rarities known as parallel, these are:
To create a rainbow, you must begin with aqua and progress in order.
For example, to obtain a Red Rainbow, you must possess cards in the red, blue, and aqua parallels. To obtain a Black Rainbow, one of each parallel is required.
Home Team Heroes contains a second tier of parallels known as Shatter parallels, whereas Bantam Brigade refers to them as Chaos parallels.
Rainbows here are build the same way, separate from the previous tiers.
Building rainbows earns a points bonus.


Home Team Heroes - Color Pop Inserts

Color Pop Inserts feature 1-of-1 hero art inspired by real players. You can earn BPX at the conclusion of a sports season based on the actions performed by the featured player. For instance, in baseball, you could earn BPX each time the player hits a home run. Additionally, each insert may have a multiplier, and you may increase your rewards even further by connecting to a Card Geek.

@BPXCollect Hex Club

The @BPXCollect Hex Club provides an opportunity for Twitter Blue subscribers with a BPX NFT as their avatar to earn BPX. To be eligible, you must follow @bpxcollect and post a tweet mentioning your new PFP while tagging our account. Once you are successfully enrolled, you will receive a follow-back from our account, and if you do not receive one, please contact support.