BPX Token

What is BPX?

The BPX token serves as both the currency and reward system within the BPX Collective's ecosystem, and is granted to collectors who construct trading card sets and participate in gamified experiences. A total of five billion BPX tokens have been produced, and none of them are restricted, allowing for the issuance of BPX Collective rewards at the company's discretion in the future.
On April 4, 2023, the first season of our rewards program awarded 50 million BPX to participants, and we are now moving into Season 2 with numerous opportunities to obtain BPX. Throughout this season, there will be a variety of chances to reward trading card enthusiasts and memorabilia collectors from around the world.
The BPX Auction is at the heart of our rewards structure, offering a wide range of collectible assets and experiences related to sports, trading cards, coins, comics, and memorabilia. To view and participate in our active auctions, please visit BPX Auctions, which launched on March 31, 2023.
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